Top 1 0 Good Communication Practices

Top 10 Good Communication Practices
They say you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Here are some communication basics to help you do that:

1. Email subject line. Short, catchy and specific will get a quicker response than “following up” or “hi.” Let your readers know the topic.

2. Email message. In a business-related email, leave out the emoticons.

3. Voice mail greeting. Smile when you record it. Listen to the difference it makes—it might surprise you.

4. Phone calls. When you’re on a call, be present. It’s obvious—and disrespectful—when callers are distracted and multitasking.

5. Conference calls. Remember to use Mute. It’s annoying to hear someone munching, typing, or snoring on a conference call.

6. Conversations in person or by phone. It’s polite to allow the other person to finish their sentence.

7. Interrupt courteously. If it’s necessary to interject, try: “So allow me to stop you there…” Or, “To clarify, I’d like to ask…”.

8. Meetings. People know who’s listening and contributing—and who’s checking their cell phones. Respect the task at hand.

9. Written communication. Tone of voice and physical clues are absent in a memo or an email. Use please, thank you, and other signs of manners in written communication.

10. All communication. Ask how the recipient prefers to be contacted. Your message will be received more effectively through the preferred channel.

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