Top 1 0 Self Help Mobile Apps

Top 10 Self-Help Mobile Apps
Use of technology to enhance well-being is on the upswing. These new apps can be helpful, but please see a therapist for serious emotional / mental health issues.

1. Gratitude Journal
Forgetting gratitude? This app offers daily reminders and iCloud syncing. Add photos, share what you’re grateful for.

2. The Habit Factor
Yes, an app for breaking annoying habits. Set goals, create new positive behaviors, track your success.

3. iZen Garden 2
A virtual zen garden in your palm—the tranquility that comes from being in a real one, without the messy sand!

4. myinstantCOACH
Advice for big decisions in relationships, finance, career or well-being. Offers specific options and actions you can take.

5. Serenity
One of the best relaxation tools. Especially lovely on an iPad. Listen, watch and reee-laaax!

6. Authentic Yoga
Easy-to-follow app by Deepak Chopra. Choose your music, and follow the graceful yoga master Tara Stiles.

7. Niroga Manage Your Stress
Manage stress with four simple techniques you can use anywhere.

8. Feel Good Tracker
Track positive feeling with easy-to-use logs and iCal system; take photos and even tweet or email your entries.

9 . Sleep Machine – Binaural Beats
Induce relaxation, creativity and other desirable states. Add to ambient music and produce a lifelike sound environment.

10. Mappiness
An iPhone app that discerns how your environment influences your mood. Chart when, where and with whom you’re happiest.

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